About: Seon-Wook Park

Hi, my name is Seon-Wook. Not Seon or Sean but Seon-Wook.
I'm Korean and I live in Zurich studying CSE at masters level.

I enjoy reading, programming, design, and singing among other activities.
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In case you're interested, I have experience in the following areas:

Programming Languages

  • Go
  • Matlab
  • Bash
  • C++
  • ActionScript
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript and similar (inc. CoffeeScript, JSON)
  • Python
  • YQL and Open Data Tables
  • PHP
  • SQL

Server Management for GNU/Linux

  • Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Linux, RHEL, Amazon Linux and similar
  • Nginx, Lighttpd, Litespeed, TurboGears
  • Amazon EC2, CloudFront
  • Rigorous use of routine jobs via bash scripts, cron, screen and similar

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Fireworks
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape

Document Processing and Typesetting

  • LYX, TeXmacs, BIBTEX and similar (LATEX)
  • LibreOffice Productivity Suite
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Office Suite (2003 - 2010)


  • LabVIEW 6
  • DGF Pixie-4